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#Repost @chrystalhurst ・・・ If you don’t do you… who will? . What one thing have you decided to nurture in your life this year? The life of the girl in you depends on the care you decide to give her. Call it a goal. Call it a dream. Call it a “have to”. Doesn’t matter what you call it. There is something powerful that happens when you say it out loud. Put it out there. Write it down. . While the year is usually a time of all things new. For some of us, it can become the time of “why-even-bother”. You’ve made the resolutions, you’ve worked towards goals in the past, you’ve bought the new planner, you’ve joined the new class. And then the next year comes and it doesn’t seem like you’ve made progress. . So you are tempted to quit trying. . But let me tell you something. You have to try. You have to get up, dust yourself off, thank God for yet another year, and make it your business to honor this one very precious life that you have. Why? Because it’s your life. No one else can do the job of showing up for your life and living your life full but you. . Don’t accept defeat, depression, or disappointment. Fight back. . 2018 is the year honor the girl in you. Honor the passion in her heart, the pain in her past, the purpose that she seeks and yes, even the process of her faith, however hard and long that process might be. It’s always more about the journey than the designation. . If you want to hear this message in it’s entirety, click the link in the profile. . If you are on my email list, the audio AND video link will arrive in your inbox shortly 🙂 . So what’s your one thing. What will you do this year to honor the girl in you? Will you share at least one area of focus with me in the comments below? I’d love to hear from you. . #shesstillthere

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But by the grace of GOD I am what I am, and HIS grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them—yet not I, but the grace of GOD that was with me. 1 Corinthians 15:10


Food For Thought:

GOD will sacrifice whom ever HE chooses Romans 2:11. GOD has chosen YOU as a sacrifice. The situation that caused you the most pain has been a sacrificial moment in YOUR life. GOD wants to know will WE/YOU still say YES.  YES I will trust YOU even tho I’m hurt, YES I will trust YOU even tho I’ve been betrayed or have betrayed someone.YES I will do YOUR WORK even tho I’m a sinful creator. YES even tho my husband, children, friends or coworkers aren’t acting the way I think they should. But wait I don’t act the way GOD expects me to act. The question is WILL YOU SAY YES to HIS WILL YES TO HIS WAYS and the most important one YES to suffer with HIM. Will you say YES.