Praise in The Middle

It is a lot easier to believe in the Devil’s lies/in what you see and not in God’s word. Stay strong and focus on His promises. It takes a lot more faith to stay on the boat than it is to get off and walk away. Therefore, pray for God’s purpose for you in your situation, know your assignment and walk it out with confidence. Look back and see that the last time you were confused, worried and not knowing how you would make it through……BUT YOU DID! He will continue to bring you through so don’t get caught up in what you see before you and just press through DIFFERENTLY than you have before and know that He will bring you through THIS TIME TOO. Until you pass the test in the way GOD wants you to, it can and will repeat. Being in the middle, I’d like to describe as you not being where you used to be and you’re not quite where you want to be but you can see that light at the end of the tunnel and you’re almost there. My testimony and to help others to get to the other side, I say PRAISE God. Praise Him not because He got you OFF the boat (out of your situation) but praise Him because He got IN the boat (came into your situation) with you. He is bringing you through and all you need is His presence.

One thought on “Praise in The Middle

  1. Amen I am holding . To his word my husband been out of work for a couple of month.and my rent is do car note is do and no food in my refrigerator. But I am stand on his word. He said don’t worry what you eat or wear.Lord I need you .

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