Is the Church Weak?


Photo by: Jack Daryl Photography

Part of  the issue with people (around us) being transformed (or experiencing church hurt) and seeing the light in you, they see what you do when it is not Sunday.

You have the strength, courage, power and determination in church.   But does that transform to your life outside of the church?

Does YOUR LIFE reflect the power and strength which you speak or display at church?

I’m not talking about mistakes, I’m saying a consistent pattern of behavior that become characteristics.

Are you declaring the power of God and all his mighty works during service but when you get home you are stress about that bills or don’t apply to school or do not pursue the promotion or do not start that business or overcome addiction?  How are you allowing God to work in you when you are not at church?

You can tell people all day about the power of God, but you my dear have to walk that thing out in order to see the power you speak/preach reflect in your everyday life.

Are you in love with your bondage and chains? (Really think about that)  Do you like being the victim because you are comfortable there, you know how to operate there?  If so, you are limiting God’s ability to truly operate in and through you.

Maybe you do not know how to operate on the next level or dimension God has already been trying to take you.

It’s not easy, but when you commit to God, you commit to His Will and His purpose, even when it is not comfortable.

Lack and fear DO NOT come from God.   Our God is all powerful and He gives us that power.

Be the light… Consistency is key🔑


Meditate on His Word:

Matthew 5:16 CEB

1 Peter 1:7 NIV

2 Timothy 1:7 ESV

Joshua 1:7-9 NIV

Matthew 4:4 GNT



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