Identify it! The FRUIT is in you!

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” – Galatians 5:22-23 NIV

Many of us would truly believe that the fruits of the Spirit are in our lives.  We would believe we exhibit these great qualities to all who are around.

But let us take a deep examination of who we really are.  If we asked our family.  Would they say we really love them?

When things are easy joy seems to be right in front of us. But when times get crazy at home we sit in the mess of our lives.

Peace!! Is there such a thing. Because life seems to always interrupt and prove different.

1. the act of forbearing; a refraining from something.
2. forbearing conduct or quality; patient endurance; self-control

No I can’t refrain from old or bad habits.  I need to cope with life.  My attitude shifts and I say and do things that I may regret later.  I don’t have time to patient and endure. Who wants to have self-control when my emotions are on high? No time to be kind to the one who has me going from 0-10.  No time to show or bring out any goodness right now.  I don’t feel like it.

I have always been faithful. But was I true to my word when I put my husband down?  No, that’s right the Bible says to respect your husband.  That wasn’t being faithful to God. Was I being loyal when I talked about people behind closed doors?  No, the Bible does talk about not being a gossip.  That wasn’t being loyal to God either.

Who has time to be gentle when you have to fight for position in the workforce? When you have to be the strong mother for your children. When you have to help your husband stay focused if you are married. When you have to work two jobs, go to school, cook dinner, wash clothes, be there for friends but have no one to turn to because you are single. You want gentle!!! Is it possible when you have to fight and put on the tough exterior?

Self-control is usually not an option. They only thing I can control is not having self-control. Because everything else seems to be out of control. Everything else seems to be going the way I wasn’t expecting.

Here is what God is saying:

“When you accept my Son as your Lord and Savior.  The seeds of these fruits started to germinate.  It is in you my daughter.

I know that life is crazy at times.  But when did you really trust me?  I know school seems hard.  But when did you trust me?  Have you called my name and not listened?  Have you turned to me and then blocked your ears?

Stay focused on me when you are in the storm.  Keep watch for the cloud of rain when you are in a drought.  I have your healing.  I only want the best for you.  Read my Word and talk to me. I love when you worship me. The songs from your heart I have delight in.  You are my daughter.  Don’t treat me like the man who wasn’t there for you.  Don’t treat me like the man who left your mother. Don’t make your husband your savior.  I AM the One who saves.  I Love You My DAUGHTER!”


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