You Can Do It

Not my story but I received very encouraging and blessed words from this message….Enjoy ladies!!!

I will never forget when Caleb learned how to put his shoes and socks on all by himself. After he put them on, he looked up at me with his big brown eyes and with a huge smile on his face and shouted, “Did it!” He was so excited. He could not wait to share his accomplishment with me. His joy warmed my heart. He is my precious little boy, and I love seeing him learn new things.

God looks at you with this same excitement and pride when you celebrate accomplishments in your life. When you graduated from high school, he clapped. When you got your first job, he rejoiced. And now, as you learn how to care for your children, God is smiling from heaven and cheering you on. He knows balancing diaper changing, grocery shopping, doctors appointments, house cleaning, and laundry services are no small feats to conquer. His heart warms as you learn and grow as a mother.

We are not perfect and, like Caleb, who sometimes puts his shoes on the wrong feet, we will make mistakes. But just as a mom is always there to encourage and guide her children, God is always there encouraging and guiding you.

I hope you will take some time today to think about how special you are to our Lord. He is your biggest cheerleader. You are so precious to him. Always remember, he created you, and no matter how tough your job as a mom may be, you can do it! God believes in you! Pray for God to help you believe in yourself.

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